About Hea

Hea is a Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn free company on the Bahamut server. The name "hea" comes from colloquial Cantonese, which means "doing nothing at all", "killing time" and "relaxing" in a general sense. Hea is not exclusive for casual players in spite of the naming: the free company is intended for a friendly environment and all kinds of gamers are welcome. Indeed, Hea heads for serious end-game contents like 24 man raids and NM hunting, where certain formal loot system will be implemented.
Hea is currently open for recruitment. Cantonese proficiency is the only requirement on behalf of using group communication softwares. For detailed information or any other queries, please contact us via email or simply private message us in-game (Yi Rito or Siren Sena).


2013.09.04 Ifrit hard 同野團打!! 不如同自己人打!! 8人成團!! 建立團友互信互助關係!! 由Ifrit hard開始副本難度逐漸增加,建議團友們安裝Teamspeak 方便溝通走位 (無mic齋聽都已經很好)
2013.09.01 公會buff長開 頭一、兩個星期將會長開5%額外經驗buff,之後再同團友們商量定個時間表 (舉例逢星期一至五開經驗buff,星期六開採集buff,星期日開生產buff), 方便大家有計劃咁練等升呢!!